In the Meantime… A Must Read by Jonathan McReynolds


Hilltop City is on a break while I am working on a special project. However, I can think of no better point to ponder on in the meantime than this essay written by Gospel singer and songwriter Jonathan McReynolds for The Huffington Post.

Jonathan McReynolds wrote a most FIYA piece on recently called “A Cry for the Unexposed”.  He writes about being wowed by the production Hamilton and how it may not have happened if it weren’t  for his Broadway musical enthusiast cousin.  He describes how the church has, for the most part, kept its members from being exposed to excellence in the form of the arts for fear of crossing sacred with secular.

Attempting to create a wall to worldly influences, the black church has also created a ceiling for every new generation of creative excellence. After the show, I spoke to two of the actors, two firm men of God. They expressed how the church made them fearful of pursuing their art form, an art form that has ultimately forced their faith and their testimony into the eyes of thousands around the country. God didn’t give them that spirit of fear, but the church did. We celebrate safe mediocrity and distrust most greatness that doesn’t fit in a pulpit.

This paragraph in itself sums up one of the main reasons why I developed this blog and the soon coming Hilltop City bible studies. God loves the arts! He’s a creative! He is THE creative. Our culture is missing out severely because so many have been shamed for wanting to go beyond the four walls of the church.  Please be sure to check out the article here and feel free to leave your thoughts.